apical aperture

apical aperture
1) Геология: макушечная апертура (у гастропод), отверстие в макушке
2) Макаров: апикальное отверстие

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  • Apex (mollusc) — The apex is a word most often used to mean the tip of the spire of the shell of a gastropod. It is the first formed, and therefore the oldest, part of the shell. To be more precise, the apex would usually be where the tip of the embryonic shell… …   Wikipedia

  • Tusk shell — The tusk shells or scaphopods are a class of marine mollusks which vary in size from very small to medium sized. The scientific name of this class is Scaphopoda, meaning shovel footed . These mollusks live on soft substrates offshore (usually not …   Wikipedia

  • Foramen — A natural opening. Although a foramen is usually through bone, it can be an opening through other types of tissue, as with the foramen ovale. * * * An aperture or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure. SYN: trema (1). [L. an… …   Medical dictionary

  • Symboles SAMPA — Tableau des consonnes et voyelles SAMPA Voir aussi une version concise des symboles SAMPA pour les sons français. Notez que vous aurez besoin d une police de caractères qui supporte les extensions Unicode API pour voir les caractères API des… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • angle — The meeting point of two lines or planes; the figure formed by the junction of two lines or planes; the space bounded on two sides by lines or planes that meet. For angles not listed below, see the descriptive term; e.g., axioincisal, distobuccal …   Medical dictionary

  • Oxygyrus keraudrenii — Temporal range: Pliocene Recent[1] Apical view of the shell of Oxygyrus keraudrenii from the Pliocene Epoch …   Wikipedia

  • Dens (anatomy) — Bone: Dens (anatomy) Second cervical vertebra, or epistropheus, from above. (Dens labeled at center top.) …   Wikipedia

  • opening — A gap in or entrance to an organ, tube, or cavity. SEE ALSO: aperture, fossa, ostium, orifice, pore. access o. SYN: access. aortic o. SYN: aortic hiatus …   Medical dictionary

  • Operculum (gastropod) — Gastropod shell of the freshwater snail Viviparus contectus with corneous operculum in place …   Wikipedia

  • Oospira smithi — Three views of the shell of the holotype of Oospira smithi Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

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